Learn how to flip your mental script on cancer

Learn how to overcome the fear and overwhelm of a cancer diagnosis (current or past).
We'll dive into the mindset around cancer and learn ways to feel empowered.
This program is not another one of those "positive thinking" programs. Cancer can be a deep dark place with lots of associated emotions and all the feelings you may be feeling about it are valid. I'm not going to pretend that cancer doesn't suck but the point of this is to limit the amount of emotional suck this journey has on you. Whether you're new to mindfulness or a seasoned guru, this program has something for you because it's written from the unique perspective of a person who also had cancer.
In this 5-day program we'll set the foundation for your emotional healing by diving in to the following principles: 
  • Changing the overall energy of the situation and recognizing the power of your thoughts and emotions
  • Feeling Empowered instead of feeling like a helpless victim of circumstance
  • Shifting your perspective so you're not living life from a place of fear
  • Finding balance and clarity, and even a little bit of peace
  • Resources for deepening your mindfulness practice
Take action now to:
  • Limit the emotional burden of your cancer diagnosis
  • Help manage the impact on you and your family
  • Improve your resiliency during this difficult time
  • Commit to your overall well being
Program price: $10.00

What you'll receive: 

- Five downloadable lessons on different aspects of mindset
- They will arrive daily but you may go at your own pace
- Exercises that guide you to take immediate action to start changing your mindset
- These are yours to keep, you may print them to make your own workbook out of them
- You may repeat the program as many times as you would like

BONUS: All of those who enroll in the Cancer Mindset Reset may join our exclusive Facebook group for additional support on changing your cancer mindset
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